A new driving test centre in High Wycombe could be a reality after the current one shuts down in March.

According to the Save Wycombe Driving Test Centre (SWDTC) campaign group, which is made up of local driving instructors, a unit in the Cressex area is currently being investigated as a potential new location for tests.

The current driving test centre, in Wellington Road, is going to be closed in March because the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) said it was not a "good use of public money".

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They added that there was low demand for tests at the High Wycombe centre - but thousands of people signed a petition to save it from closure, prompting the DVSA to look at alternative options.

SWDTC told the Bucks Free Press a unit in Cressex "appears to meet requirements" to run a centre from, and they are hopeful for a "seamless transition" from the old site to the new site on March 13.

If everything goes to plan, it will be a huge relief for driving instructors - and learner drivers - who were faced with having to take their tests in nearby towns like Slough, Uxbridge or Aylesbury instead.

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SWDTC has been arguing that High Wycombe deserves to keep a test centre because it has a larger population than the other three towns - and every year, another 2,000 Wycombe teenagers become old enough to drive.

SWDTC chairman Terry McKean said: “There has always been a huge demand for tests in Wycombe. Waiting times have soared over the past few years as the number of examiners dwindled from five to just two. And now there is an additional backlog caused by driving tests being banned for 23 of the past 44 weeks due to Covid restrictions.”

He added: “It is hoped that in the future enough examiners will be provided in High Wycombe to deliver sufficient tests for a town of our size.”

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So far, more than 7,780 people have signed their petition to save the centre at http://bit.ly/SaveWycombeDrivingTestCentre