OUTRAGED locals have slammed the “scandalous” repair of what is said to be more than 70 potholes on a stretch of road, branding the job a “bodge up” and a “waste of money”.

Residents have described a series of pothole repairs along Latimer Road between the Pheasant Rise junction and Decco in Chesham as “shocking”, with one person saying it is “worse than the images coming back from Mars”.

More than 140 comments were made on social media.

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Bucks Free Press:

'Shocking': More than 140 comments were made on Facebook 

The repairs were carried out by Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) on Saturday, February 20.

Cllr Mark Shaw told one person: “These will be temporary repairs to keep the road safe before doing more full-scale repairs. Residents should speak to their local councillors if they are unhappy.”

“Scandalous,” wrote resident Lee Evans. “The great Waterside bodge up. Contractors visited Chesham Waterside and filled with tar 74 of the 128 shallow-to-deep potholes on a 500-yard stretch of Latimer Road.

“Let’s just see how long these repairs hold up, shall we?”

Bucks Free Press:

RESIDENT: 'Might as well use chewing gum and sticky tape'

Bucks Free Press:

RESIDENT: 'Works out cheaper in the long run to resurface the road'

Mr Evans also questioned how much public money had been spent on the works, adding: “Rumoured to be in the region of £100 per hole filled. This section of road requires a complete resurface, not expensive temporary treatments.”

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“Well, give it a few days before it’s back to being an absolute mess of a road,” replied one person.

“Worse than the images coming back from Mars,” replied another.

“Might as well use chewing gum and sticky tape,” wrote another person.

“Waste of money – should do things properly,” wrote another.

“Works out cheaper in the long run to resurface the road,” wrote one resident.

“What a mess,” wrote someone else.

“Shocking,” replied another.

Bucks Free Press:

Cllr Emily Culverhouse: 'I’m trying to get it fixed'

Bucks Free Press:

RESIDENT: 'Waste of money – should do things properly'

Cllr Emily Culverhouse said: “I was driving along it after the furore on Facebook and there is a central part which looks quite dangerous for cyclists and other road users.

“I have emailed the council officers concerned to have a proper look at it. I’m trying to get it fixed.”

A Transport for Buckinghamshire spokesman said: “TfB carried out several emergency ‘make safe’ repairs along Waterside and Latimer Road. This work was carried out on Saturday 20th February 2021 and the temporary repairs were needed to keep the travelling public safe.

“We can confirm that this section of road is due to be resurfaced in the new financial year. We continue to closely monitor and inspect this particular location for any further defects and shall complete further remedial works if they are required here until the full resurfacing scheme is complete.”

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