It’s Friday night and the weekend is upon us.

We still may be in lockdown, but as we near the end of the pandemic, we can start to make plans for when we can be free from the restrictions.

So, let us look at some of the best Chinese restaurants that are in the county, according to Trip Advisor.

Incredibly, four of the top five in the county are based in Milton Keynes.

Number 5: St. Mary’s Chinese: Milton Keynes

The Redgrave Drive venue in MK may not have the most reviews on the website with just 54, but with an average rating of five out five, it is clear to see that the establishment has got a strong following.

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Items for food ranges from £6 to £16 and, according to Trip Advisor, it is the 57th best restaurant in the town out of 297.

One person from February 2021 said: “Always excellent. Good selection of dishes at great prices. Never been disappointed with anything from here. Would recommend.”

Number 4: Veggie World, Queensway, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

A must try for foodies in Bucks, as Veggie World has been ranked the number one best Chinese restaurant in the town out of the 37 named on the site, and is the 23rd best restaurant in Milton Keynes out of 297.

And you guessed it by the name, the restaurant specialises in vegan and vegetarian food with some meat and poultry options, meaning anyone can eat at the establishment.

One person said: “This is well worth a visit.

“Such an amazing choice of vegan food with absolutely no compromise on taste or texture.”

Veggie World has got an average rating of five out of five from 136 reviews.

Number 3: Mii & U, Milton Keynes

It looks like Milton Keynes is the place to go for Chinese restaurants, as Mii & U takes third spot on the list.

With vegetarian and vegan options, the venue also has Japanese and Thai dishes for you to try out, as well as Chinese.

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This is certainly a place to try out, especially with a score of 4.5 out of five from 656 reviews.

A review from this year reads: “Amazing food and service!

“Such a hidden gem.

“We will be back, also the shop attached is really good too!”

Number 2: Taipan, Milton Keynes

Four out of four on our list for the MK venues, as Taipan are our runners-up.

The second-best Chinese restaurant in the town according to the website, Taipan also offer gluten free and vegetarian options for customers.

The restaurant has got an average rating of four out of five from 459 reviews.

One reviewer said: “Would thoroughly recommend, the food was delicious.

We had a takeaway with six different dishes.

“All were superb.”

Number 1: China Diner, Beaconsfield

Finally, one that isn’t from Milton Keynes! (no offence to our readers north of the county)

The China Diner is the number one Chinese restaurant on the site in Beaconsfield with an average score of 4.5 out of five from 340 reviews.

The restaurant is also known for its value, service and atmosphere.

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This reviewer said: “Really nice Chinese meal.

“Tasted fresh and was cooked perfectly.

“The duck, in particular, was very nice.

“As was the prawn with ginger and spring onion, Pak Choi in oyster sauce, and the deep fried chicken wings.

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