A 91-year-old woman died after falling at her care home twice and then suffering pneumonia, an inquest heard this week.

Mollie Atack, who lived at an Amersham care home, first suffered a fall on November 23 last year.

She complained of hip pain on her right side when she was mobilised and was taken to hospital where she was admitted for a “short period of time”, according to a South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) report read out to the court.

She was found to have a fracture which, it was decided, would be managed “conservatively” as she did not “seem to be in pain”, and she was consequently discharged from Stoke Mandeville Hospital on November 26.

Mollie then fell again at her care home on December 1 and complained of severe pain.

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She was rushed to A&E at Stoke Mandeville, where an x-ray showed she had suffered another hip fracture.

The inquest heard it was decided she would undergo an operation on her right hip, after which she had trouble swallowing.

The court was told Mollie also suffered from a host of other illnesses including hypertension, anaemia, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

She underwent her operation on December 5, with the inquest told she was “still delirious” on December 7 and then having trouble swallowing on December 12.

During her stay in the hospital, she also got pneumonia.

Her family was told Mollie was deteriorating, with end-of-life care discussed with her son Jonathan.

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She was discharged back to her care home for end-of-life care on December 16 and sadly died there on December 30.

Her medical cause of death was recorded as pneumonia and a right hip fracture, and assistant coroner Nicholas Graham concluded her death was accidental.