A dog that has been at a rescue centre for almost 500 days is looking for a new home.

Maxy, who turns 10 on May 1, arrived t the county’s Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in Quainton, Waddesdon on December 27, 2019, with his best friend, Skyla.

Sadly, for Maxy, in his decade of existence, he has never been in a family home and has spent his whole life working as a guard dog for a scrapyard company.

According to the RSPCA, Maxy had ‘never been walked and was overweight, but has lost almost 10kg since being at the centre.’

Maxy has been in the rescue centre since December 2019

Maxy has been in the rescue centre since December 2019

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He is now looking for a permanent home – the perfect way to celebrate his 10th birthday.

Lauren Atkins, who is taking care of the pooch, said: “Maxy and Skyla had spent their whole lives living in a yard.

“Skyla was elderly and had a lot of health problems when she arrived here.

“We tried our best to help her but, in the end, she was so poorly that vets felt the only and kindest option was to put her to sleep.

“Maxy loved her so much, they were inseparable.

Maxy the dog

Maxy the dog

“When we lost her he was lost and found himself on his own for, what we believe, was the first time ever.

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“He’s struggled ever since we lost Skyla and our behaviour team have been working with him to help prepare him for a new home.”

The centre will be throwing a party for the dog on Saturday, May 1 to celebrate his milestone birthday.

Lauren added: “He loves having fuss and will do almost anything for a treat.

Maxy the dog turns 10 in May

Maxy the dog turns 10 in May

“Unfortunately, he’s been under-socialised and finds it difficult interacting with some dogs.

“We’ve been working on this and he has improved vastly but we feel he’d be best suited to experienced owners who live in a quiet, rural area where he can enjoy going for walks without encountering lots of dogs.”

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Maxy the dog

Maxy the dog

Due to his age, Maxy is showing signs of arthritis and is currently on pain relief but according to the RSPCA, ‘he greets everyone with slobbery kisses and is a real cuddle monster who will make a wonderful companion for the right person’.

If you would like to adopt Maxy, contact the Blackberry Farm team by calling 0300 123 0752 or emailing blackberryfarm@rspca.org.uk.