We all love our furry friends and they deserve to be treated with nothing but love and respect.

However, with our day-to-day lives, some owners try their best to groom their own dogs but struggle, or they just forget.

This can cause discomfort for pets with matted hair, overgrown nails, and dirty coats.

So have no fear, as here are five dog groomers to visit in Bucks.

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Number Five, Dial-A-Dog-Wash, Bucks & Berks

Located right on the Berks/Bucks border, Dial-A-Dog-Wash caters to those who are in the SL 6, 7, 8 & HP10, 11,12,13 & 14 postcodes.

The mobile dog grooming business sees the pooches get washed or groomed outside your place of work or home for any dog, big or small.

Lots of dogs 

🐶Hannah and Claire having a 'Golden' couple of days!! 🐶

Posted by Dial A Dog Wash Bucks and Berks on Wednesday, 10 February 2021

One Google review said: “What a great service - our very large doggies went into the van mucky and came out again gorgeous!

“Very convenient service indeed and Claire was super friendly.

“Would heartily recommend it.”

Visit www.dialadogwashbucksandberks.co.uk for more.

Number Four, Happy ‘n’ Healthy Pets, Marlow

Situated on Marlow’s Lock Road, Happy ‘n’ Healthy Pets offer three services to their customers which are the dog bath, the full groom, and the puppy university.

Each service will be handled with care, with the puppy university option being for clients who are taking their dogs to the groomers for the first time.

The transformation 

Transformation day!!

Posted by Happy 'n' Healthy Pets on Saturday, 27 March 2021

In that service, the groomer will use ‘positive reinforcement methods’ to make the dog feel relaxed when being cleaned.

One reviewer said: "As a first-time dog owner, this was invaluable - highly recommend!"

If this is the correct option for your pooch, go to, www.happynhealthypets.com.

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Number Three, Bledlow Ridge Dog Grooming, Bledlow Ridge

Located on the outskirts of High Wycombe, Bledlow Ridge Dog Grooming has a loyal customer base.

Dogs of all sizes are welcome, with the groomers revealing that they groom ‘one dog at a time’ as it will give them ‘the opportunity to fully caters to your pets' individual requirements.’

Two happy doggies

Posted by Bledlow Ridge Dog Grooming on Saturday, 1 May 2021

This Google reviewer said: “Wonderful! Knowledgeable, caring, and gentle.

“Terrific advice for me about grooming older dogs.

“Thank you!”

Visit www.bledlowridgedoggrooming.co.uk for more.

Number Two, Spoilt Rotten Dog Groomer & Accessories, Chalfont St Peter

Opened to the public following the third lockdown being lifted, dog owners all over the county have flooded the Chalfont St Peter groomers, Spoilt Rotten, for their service.

The company was impacted by the pandemic back in January

Hello everyone just a little update!! Given the current circumstances with the global pandemic and the guidance...

Posted by Spoilt Rotten Professional Dog Grooming By Sophie on Saturday, 16 January 2021

The Market Place venue offers several different services for what your four-legged friend needs, with dogs all of sizes, including puppies, being able to have a tidy up.

They were also a finalist in the 2020 Business Awards.

This reviewer on Google said: “What an incredible service I got!

“My best friend got one heck of a pampering!

“She looked amazing and was clearly very comfy after!

“Our dogs are our family and these lovely people clearly understand that and share our thoughts!”

Visit www.spoiltrottendog.com for more.

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Number One, Woofs and Washes, Buckingham

Woofs and Washes in the north of the county has developed a reputation of being one of the best in the business in Bucks, despite only opening to the public in December 2019.

The business caters to all dogs and regularly post on social media, primarily Facebook, where they show many before and after photos of the pooches.

One of their Facebook posts

Young Pippa had her deshedding groom with us in the week! Lots of people think that labradors dont need grooming as they...

Posted by Woofs and Washes on Saturday, 8 May 2021

This Google Review for the Cornwall Place business said: “I took my five-month-old shih tzu puppy, Percy, in for his first groom today and he looked AMAZING!

“Very professional service and a lovely lady.

“Percy seemed to of had a lovely time and was very relaxed when we got home.

“We will definitely be a regular.”

To find out more, visit www.woofsandwashes.com.