Marlow residents have expressed their concerns over submitted plans to the council for a new block of flats at the site of former garages.

The proposal from Red Kite Community Housing would see twelve houses built on Foxes Piece.

According to a council document, the site is currently used as “informal parking” and is also within an area at risk of flooding, according to the same report.

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Hard and soft landscaping is also planned, owing to the site’s existing “poor quality shrubs to small areas” and “damaged, poor quality Tarmac.”

However, a number of residents on Foxes piece are apprehensive about the ramifications to the area if the car park was built over.

One resident said: “There are enough spaces for I would say 75% of the current residents need.

“Not to mention the additional allocation needed for any new residents."

Other residents were also worried about the impact it could have on surrounding roads.

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Another added: “The proposed building of 12 flats on a site is where are currently parking our cars.

“The fallout will be dreadful as the impact will spill over into neighbouring roads, namely Glade Road and Maple Rise, which are currently fully parked with cars.”

Residents have previously expressed their anger in 2019 at Red Kite’s public consultation at Liston Hall on the proposed plans.

Katie  Wall, Head of Communications and Brand at Red Kite Community Housing, said: “We’re really proud of our designs and plans for the site which have been prepared carefully to mitigate flood risk and deal with parking requirements for existing tenants and new occupiers.

"In preparing the scheme we have considered the option of utilising all surrounding land including the grassed area to the front for sympathetic parking, unfortunately given the utilities and services within the green space to the front it was not an option we could progress.

"We have provided above the number of spaces we are required to within our development and some of these will be available to current residents.

“Bringing new quality, affordable rented homes to Marlow as well as to the wider district is really important to Red Kite, as we want to help local people have housing choice in a very expensive housing area, so we eagerly await the council's decision."