Every dog needs a home and in Buckinghamshire, there are hundreds of furry friends who are looking for a new place to call their own.

Rescue centres all across the county look after numerous pooches so that when they are adopted, they can have the best possible start at having a second chance of life.

So, here are five dogs in the Aylesbury area that are looking to be adopted.

Ariel - Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) – One-year-old

Ariel the dog is looking for a new home

Ariel the dog is looking for a new home

Despite never being in a home before, and therefore is not house trained, Ariel has been described as ‘affectionate’ and ‘active.’

Sadly, the dog has spent her whole life in the kennels and cannot be in a household that has other animals such as cats or dogs, as well as children under the age of 16.

Despite this, she will ‘happily wear’ a muzzle and is trained in doing so.

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Her bio on the RSCPA page reads: “Once she knows you, Ariel is such an affectionate, cuddly girl who just loves to be around you.

“She will make a fantastic loyal companion for someone.

“Ariel will need an active lifestyle with plenty of time for regular walks and she will need to be mentally stimulated as she is a highly intelligent dog - she loves scent work and learns commands very quickly!

“She also adores pig's ears!”

Those who adopt Ariel will need to be living in a rural area.

For more information, visit www.petlist.co.uk/dogs-dogs-for-adoption-aylesbury/ariel-belgian-shepherd-malinois_501128.

Chase – Border Collie – One-year-old

Chase the Border Collie

Chase the Border Collie

This one-year-old dog was given to the RSPCA after his previous owners were unable to no longer care for him.

However, Chase has not let this get him down as he is constantly on the move, so much in fact that his new owners will have to give him at least three to four hours of exercise a day.

His bio reads: “Chase can be particularly unsure of men that he does not know and can sometimes display similar behaviours as he did when he first arrived [to the rescue centre].

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“This is why we require an experienced owner who can read dog body language and not put him in any uncomfortable situations.

“We are also looking for a quiet house hold for Chase as he struggles meeting new people. Once he knows you Chase is an amazing, loyal, playful boy who is great fun to be around.

“He loves playing ball and having a cuddle.

“He gets on well with other dogs and could possibly live with a calm female dog pending a mix.

“Chase needs an adult only household.”

For more information, visit www.petlist.co.uk/border-collie-dogs-for-adoption-aylesbury/chase-border-collie_503500.

Maxy – Crossbred (Unknown) – 10-years-old

Maxy has been with the RSPCA since 2019

Maxy has been with the RSPCA since 2019

This happy-go-lucky dog has been with the RSPCA since December 2019 and has never had a home to call his own.

He recently celebrated his 10th birthday in May of this year, with the charity hoping that through an appeal, someone will be able to adopt the pooch.

But sadly, the unknown crossbred has yet to find his new home.

His page reads: “He loves nothing more than your company, fuss and food.

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“However, he is under socialised with other dogs and can become frustrated when near causing him to bark and pull.

“We have been working on his behaviour around dogs and he is improving every day although he can still bark and jump if not distracted/removed from the situation quick enough.

“Having said this, his attention when out on walks is amazing when meat is on hand and he now wears his muzzle all around site where he wouldn't wear it before!”

To read more about Maxy, visit www.petlist.co.uk/dogs-dogs-for-adoption-aylesbury/maxy-crossbreedunknown_497584.

Pip – Pointer crossbred – Five-years-old

Pip the pup

Pip the pup

Those who are looking for a dog like Pip need to be ‘experienced people who understand dog body language’, according to her bio.

She was transferred to Bucks from another centre and has been described as ‘goofy’ and ‘is an absolute joy to be around’.

Her page reads: “We have found that Pip has been perfect meeting new people if it’s done in the correct way, but she really struggles if she is suddenly put in a position that worries or startles her.

“For this reason, we are looking for a nice quiet location preferably fairly rural, where there are not many visitors or people out and about on walks so that Pip can learn to settle.”

Percy – Lurcher crossbreed - One-year-old

Percy the dog

Percy the dog

Found on his own straying some public gardens, Percy is full of live, love and he is looking for a new home.

He was found underweight, with red paint on his paws, nails and ears and picked up an undisclosed virus which ‘resulted in him becoming very poorly’, but he managed to make a full recovery.

His bio reads: “He can live with confident children over the age of 16 years as he gets a little over excited at times that can cause him to become quite mouthy, especially when off lead in our enclosed fields playing or when handling.

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“He will need basic training and he will have to stay on lead as his recall isn't very good!

“He also loves his toys and is very good at toy swapping.”

“We believe Percy has a bit of separation anxiety and can become vocal if he hears a human friend nearby.

“He would probably need an adopter who is around most of the day to help build up his confidence in being left for periods and help him relax in the home.”

To find out more about Percy, visit www.petlist.co.uk/lurcher-dogs-for-adoption-aylesbury/percy-lurcher-crossbreed_503008.

If you would like to read more about the dogs that are up for adoption, visit www.petlist.co.uk/dogs-for-adoption-high-wycombe.