Fresh reports of a "puma" being seen wandering around the county have been revealed.

The ‘Big Cats of the Chilterns’ group, which investigates reports of unusual sightings in the area, said they have received information about a large sandy-coloured cat in Knotty Green, just outside Beaconsfield.

There have long been apparent sightings of big cats in Buckinghamshire, which led to reports of a "Beast of Bucks" lurking in our countryside.

Most recently, Big Cats of the Chilterns had a report from Prestwood of what looked like a lynx seen crossing the road on September 17, saying: "Described as heavily built cat about two feet tall with ear tufts. Spotted and stripped patterning on the fur and had very large paws.

"We very typically get Lynx sightings from nearby Walters Ash, Bradenham and Lacey Green. There is always a large cluster of lynx sightings south of the Chilterns around the Colne Valley Lakes and Denham area."

A "large black leopard" was also apparently spotted roaming around the north east edge of Beaconsfield on September 8, near Beaconsfield Golf Course.

They also had a reported sighting of a "large puma" to the east of Princes Risborough which was seen by someone in a car.

A shocked neighbour reported seeing a "big black cat" that was "over a metre long" in Windmill Lane in Widmer End on May 10 this year, while walker Natalie Godliman told the Bucks Free Press in April she saw a "tan-coloured puma" in Keep Hill Woods in High Wycombe.

Talking about the latest sighting, Big Cats of the Chilterns wrote: "We just had a sighting reported to us of a Puma (sandy coloured) cat from Knotty Green, Beaconsfield.

"We have had reports in the past from this location but of typically black cats. However the general vicinity of Beaconsfield has provided us with all three of the typical species seen in the past.

"About 10 years ago a Lynx was seen close to the high street in the early hours. The countryside to the North East of Beaconsfield town is famous for big cat sightings."

While many people are adamant that the rumours of big cats in the Chilterns are true, others are more sceptical.

"Probably just a domestic cat," one person wrote.

"I live in Penn and I've never seen one," another added.

Sightings of a "Beast of Bucks" have been circulating since 2001, when experts confirmed prints found on Wycombe Heights golf course in Loudwater were those of a puma.

Many zoologists are convinced Britain has a large wild population of big cats, which grew in the late 1970s when the Dangerous Wild Animals Act forced owners to get rid of exotic pets.