A dog rescue charity has closed its doors temporarily "with immediate effect" amid a suspected case of kennel cough.

Stokenchurch Dog Rescue, at Tower Farm along the A40 Oxford Road, says the temporary closure as of December 3 is a "precautionary measure" following advice.

The rescue centre says there will be no walking, viewing or adoptions taking place during the closure.

The suspected kennel cough cases have not been confirmed, but staff say "welfare of our dogs is paramount".

What is kennel cough?

According to the PDSA, kennel cough is an infection of the airways that causes a nasty, hacking cough in dogs.

It is mostly seen in areas where different dogs gather, like in kennels, dog shows or day care centres.

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More severe cases can result in symptoms such as a high temperature and a lack of appetite.

Most dogs will improve on their own, but some will need to see a vet.

Dogs with kennel cough should be kept away from other dogs and public spaces while they are showing symptoms and for two to three weeks after, as this is where spread is most common.

Kennel cough can spread between dogs, in the air and on surfaces like food bowls or leads.

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Like a human cold, it can be caused by different viruses and bacteria.

What are the symptoms to look out for?

Symptoms include reduced appetite, low energy (lethargy) and a high temperature (fever).

How is it treated?

Most cases can be treated at home without medication, but vets may advise anti-inflammatories or antibiotics.

How long will Stokenchurch Rescue Centre be shut?

It is not clear yet, but in a post on their website, staff say they will provide another update on Tuesday, December 7.

They added: "If you wish to make a donation or visit the shop the reception area it will be open, however a dip tray with safety fluid will be at the door for your safety - unfortunately you will have no access to view or meet any dogs.

"Thank you for your co-operation during these times."

You can also donate online at stokenchurchdogrescue.org.uk/page/donate