A sheep found itself trapped in a plastic chair with fly-tipping in the area branded "irresponsible" and "unnecessary".

The stuck sheep was spotted by Kirstie Wilson at Low Grounds Farm on Lower Pound Lane in the late afternoon with it being reported to the RSCPA.

The RSPCA were called out to the field that evening but officials were unable to find and rescue the sheep.

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This means the sheep spent the night tangled with the chair before the farmer located the animal the following morning.

It has been reported that the number of fly-tipping incidents in England surged by 16% last year during the pandemic.

Local authorities across the country were forced to deal with 1.13 million cases of rubbish dumped on highways and in beauty spots in 2020/2021, up from 980,000 the previous year.

Household waste accounted for 65% of the incidents – around the same proportion as 2020/2021.

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Wild Marlow, a group of volunteer enthusiasts passionate about wildlife and protecting biodiversity in the Marlow area, believe the sheep was "lucky" to be freed safely.

A Wild Marlow spokesman said: "Irresponsible littering can often have fatal consequences for wildlife and livestock.

"We frequently see unnecessary injuries caused by lack of thought and consideration for our environment.

"Anything people carelessly leave behind, from bottles and food wrappers to disposable BBQs and seating can have drastic results.

"This sheep was lucky to be found and freed, other creatures may not be so lucky."

Marlow Wombles have spent the last three years educating locals on how to dispose of their rubbish.

A spokesman for the local organisation has said it "breaks their heart" to see a sheep struggling like this and has asked residents to think about the effects littering can have on wildlife.

The spokesman said: "This picture highlights the sad fact nature is suffering from litter.

"It breaks my heart to see this, but small pieces of litter harm animals and insects too, from the slugs that die in littered soft drinks or beer cans that can be recycled, to broken glass that cuts dog’s paws.

"We would love people to think before they leave any rubbish anywhere that isn’t in a bin, how would they feel about that being their pet being hurt.

"Marrow Wombles has been working hard for three years to engage people in thinking about how they dispose of their rubbish from rubber bands dropped by posties to fly-tipping.

"We will continue working with organisations to see fewer incidents like this.

"Please join us and care for our environment."