Two Bucks towns have been named on a list of England's worst places to live in 2022 – with one topping the chart.

Satirical website iLiveHere each year asks the public to review their area as they rank the nation's towns and cities throughout the country.

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After 110,172 people responded Aylesbury was named the worst place to live in England with High Wycombe ranking 35th where the description read “you’d expect it to be pleasant, it’s far from it”.

The reviews for Aylesbury were slightly harsher as the website declared there is nowhere worst to live.

One person said the people are "loud, obnoxious and dumb" with another saying if you're thinking of moving to the area to "employ 4 full-time security guards and a dog and some barbed wire around your house".

The town also ranked 18th last year with High Wycombe avoiding the list until the most recent vote.

Below is the list of ILiveHere's worst places to live in England.

New for 2022. We have a new winner, Peterborough has fallen and you'll never guess which town has won? We are still laughing about it!

Posted by ILiveHere on Monday, 3 January 2022

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