An Amersham wide search for a young mystery girl with a genius idea for Jubilee rest benches had a happy ending, after the little girl’s dad got in touch with Bucks Free Press.

The five-year-old Tulsi and her dad, Tanmay Desai, detailed how the idea for the rest benches for her grandmothers to sit on during their usual walks came to be.

Young Tulsi Desai, a pupil at Little Chalfont Primary, had hoped for a place to sit, rest and chat, and in September last year an opportunity came at a stall by the Amersham Village Community Board to suggest it to the decision-makers.

Ms Desai said: “They had colouring pens and paper and small boxes of sticky paper.

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"The lady (it was the lady councillor there that day) asked me if I would like to draw a picture and I said yes.

“She was very kind.”

Ms Desai likes the view from the corner of Oakington Avenue, Lodge Lane and Church Grove (pictured) looking towards the Woodlands AONB in Little Chalfont, Mr Desai said.

He added: “It was noted on the post-it note, but not legible due to pen used or handwriting.”

Bucks Free Press: The drawing, which set the wheels in motion in SeptemberThe drawing, which set the wheels in motion in September “On the day of the village market, she told the local councillor present that most of the benches were near the village centre or parade and not on the outskirts of the village, where people would go for walks during the pandemic.

The Little Chalfont girl was excited to see her idea happen across five South Bucks areas to commemorate Queen’s Jubilee after the Community Board dedicated funding for them.

She said: “I feel happy that they are putting benches in lots of villages so other people can remind themselves of the Queen’s Jubilee.”

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The entire family were proud to hear her idea was taken on board and that “she has ideas about placemaking at such young age”, Mr Desai said.

“We were sent the article via Tulsi’s headteacher Mr Hacking of Little Chalfont Primary School, who initially saw the article and recognised that it could be Tulsi.

“The council members reaching out through the article and trying to locate Tulsi just shows the strong community spirit within Little Chalfont village.”