A lane has been closed along with A404 causing ‘major delays’ following an incident involving three vehicles.

The emergency services which include an ambulance, an ambulance car and two police cars attended the scene by the Bisham roundabout during morning rush hour on Monday, April 11.

According to a witness, ‘police have closed a lane on the roundabout and it's causing major delays going both directions.’

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It is not known if there have been any injuries.

This comes less than a day after there was an accident on the A404 northbound between the A4155 in Marlow and the M40.

In total, there were delays of up to 20 minutes which lasted for two miles, but the road soon opened after the emergency services arrived and controlled the situation.

In relation to the incident that happened on April 11, TVP said: "We do not routinely respond to enquiries regarding road traffic collisions unless it is in relation to something that we have published or we have been asked to put something out by an officer.

"Therefore we would not provide any further details at this time."