Celebrity Bucks resident Anne Diamond angered nature fans after the GB News host said she put nets on her trees to stop birds nesting. 

The veteran television star, who reportedly has a home in Stokenchurch, provoked outrage over the weekend when she shared an anecdote on her breakfast show about a pigeon that got stuck in some tree netting she had put up to stop them nesting. 

She said on Saturday morning: "I've been trying to stop them nesting in the trees and, in the end, the netting I'd put up, a pigeon got stuck in the netting.

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"And then I was thinking, 'what do I do about it? Do I rescue the pigeon or do I just let it die? What do you do?' 

"So in the end, I rescued it and it took forever, and it was driving the dog mad apart from anything else, because it was flapping all over the place.

"I was thinking, 'I can't just leave it to die, that's just cruel'.

"So I cut it down, and took it down and it's wing and everything had got completely caught up in netting.

"It took hours to untangle it from the netting and, in the end, I did manage to do it and it sort of hopped off.

"It looked very flustered, it hopped off and in the end it managed to fly enough to get into the next-door neighbour's garden.

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"And then it hopped off, because I was watching to see if it would actually fly, and it hopped off into the road and got smashed into by a lorry."

While the use of netting to stop birds nesting is not illegal, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has raised concerns about the practice, particularly where they are used by developers. 

And the television presenter's admission sparked fury on social media. 

Kerry Edwards wrote: "I cannot believe what I just heard - Anne Diamond nets all her garden trees to stop birds nesting. It was as if it was a good thing to do - not even flinched. 

"I am so shocked as I liked Anne. Is it a lack of nature respect?"

Another person wrote: "Wildlife is shrinking drastically and Anne Diamond, as a front woman on TV, is telling the nation to contribute to the disappearance of beautiful British bird life by preventing them from nesting.

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"Birds need all the help they can get yet people are on TV saying the opposite."

A third person added: "I was horrified when she said that, as if it was the most 'normal' thing in the world too." 

Another Twitter user wrote: "I can't believe that anyone would be stupid enough to net their trees like that and then be surprised when a bird gets caught in it.

"Can you imagine how panicked it was? No wonder it flew into traffic. Anne Diamond should be ashamed of herself."