An Amersham man will cover hundreds of miles from the southernmost tip of England to London – on foot and without supplies or knowing where he will put down his head at night.

The on-going war and endless need for help in Ukraine drove the project manager Tom Harrison to launch his big walk into the “unknown” from Lands End to London in September.

With all going well, Mr Harrison could complete the 263 mile walk within two weeks. 

He said: “The ongoing humanitarian crisis made me realise that whilst people did lots right at the start of the conflict in February and March, perhaps a little bit less is being done now, and organisations like Red Cross desperately need money, because millions of people are still being displaced.

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“I’ve also been inspired by the Ukrainians themselves.

"They haven’t just keeled over and said ‘you have what you want’, they’ve defended themselves.

"Their endurance and resistance has encouraged me.

“I have no idea what each day will bring.

"I’ve also got the challenge of having to beg, borrow or forage, and it may take me a little bit longer – I might have to divert to try and find food, and that could make it a bit longer." 

While his attempt to walk without supplies or knowing where he was going to sleep next was going to be hard, he tries to put that on the back of his mind, Mr Harrison said.  

“But whenever I’m hungry or my feet are killing me, I can just remind myself that no one’s trying to shoot you or shell you as you walk along, which is what not only the soldiers, but civilians have had to endure out there.”

Bucks Free Press: Tom walks as much as possible ahead of the challenge.Tom walks as much as possible ahead of the challenge.

In March, Mr Harrison raised nearly £2000 for the British Red Cross after he walked a square mile non-stop until the funding goal was reached

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Mr Harrison, who has epilepsy, acknowledged there were some personal risks and unknowns with his charity walk he was mindful of.

However, not walking wasn’t an option, he said.

“If we look away, we’re complicit in some ways.”

“I’m hoping that by doing this slightly differently, rather than having a cozy B&B to stay at every night it will attract more attention and support, whether that’s people donating or joining me on the route for a couple of miles or offering a Mars bar.

“Anything will be helpful.”

To prepare he has walked as much as possible to keep his legs conditioned, but to also learn to manage “with those times when it’s just me, to put it bluntly, a bit of isolation – time by yourself, time with your own thoughts, which can be challenging itself.”  

He added: “I just have to trust myself, and trust humanity that people will help me, and ultimately I’ll be okay, and if I need to have a little nap I can do that and carry on.”

Tom Harrison's fundraising page can be found here