A Bucks bike courier recounts the moment a motorbike rider hit him from behind.

Alex Paul from Chesham was left with hundreds of pounds worth of repair costs after an alleged motorbike hit-and-run incident last week.

The 30-year-old Deliveroo courier was taking his first delivery of the day from Costa to a house on the bottom of Lowndes Avenue at the junction of Bellingdon Road.

Alex explained what happened on July 20 at 1.50pm: “I turned into it [Lowndes Avenue], and there was a really loud and aggressive motorcycle revving behind me and speeding up, accelerating.

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“I put my hand out to indicate that I’m turning right into the first house on the street, and it just went straight into the back of me.

“It was quite fast, and I just turned around and asked ‘why did you hit me, there was no need for this.’ I wanted his details, so I asked him several times to pull aside to give his details.

“He stopped, and I asked for his licence plate details, and told him that because you have a much bigger bike you need to take care on the road. He was clearly joy riding.

“I said to him ‘look, we need to exchange details just in case there’s any damage, and he said ‘why mate, why, you’re fine’. I told him my bike might not be fine, plus we’ve had accident so we need to do it.

“But in the first opportunity he just took off.”

Luckily Alex was fine, but he could have fallen from his bike, he said.

“But h**l of a lot of stress, because I was dealing with a few other stresses in my life at the moment, and this just on top of that, and I had to file a police report.

“Luckily everyone in Chesham were all really supportive, “ he said.

Just prior to the accident, his friend had repaired his bike, which now needed £200 worth of repairs after the hit because of a collapsed chain, derailer and bent back wheel.

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Alex posted an appeal on OurChesham Facebook group, and a resident gave him a photo of suspected motorbike rider captured through their doorbell camera, which Alex was able to recognise.

He hasn’t had any accidents or collisions before during his one-year long Deliveroo career – despite racking up more than 2600 miles in the past year riding for the company.

He added: “Deliveroo gives us a time-limit to get to the customer, and I don’t think it takes into account the elevation change in Chesham, it doesn’t take into account that there exists traffic, so it does put me under pressure to get there a little bit faster.

Thames Valley Police didn’t comment as the force doesn’t answer enquiries about road traffic collisions.