Speeding drivers have been caught out on four busy roads plagued by dangerous driving during a police crackdown.

Thames Valley Police has worked with Community Speedwatch groups to target roads where drivers appear to be “routinely speeding”.

Police used road safety vans and fixed cameras to enforce speed limits, and as a result caught out a number of drivers.

These are the four speeding hotspots targeted as part of the police operation:

Bell Lane, Amersham

A total of 67 cars were checked by Thames Valley Police.

Out of the those checked, six exceeded 35mph.

Beech Tree Road, Holmer Green

In total 100 vehicles were checked.

Six out of 100 were driving over 35mph. Highest speed recorded was 37mph.

Earls Howe Road, Holmer Green

85 cars were checked, and three were measured over 35mph, while the highest speed was 38mph.

Hyde Heath, Amersham

Police checked 90 vehicles in the area.

Three of those exceeded 35mph, and the highest recorded speed was 38mph.

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Amersham area Police Sergeant Darren Walsh said: “The aim of the enforcement we carry out is to help support you to reduce the speed of traffic, making the roads safer for all road users, and reduce the risk of injury, collisions and casualties in your district.”

In June this year, 28 Mobile tickets and 55 Fixed tickets were issued to drivers.
In July, 189 Mobile tickets and 218 Fixed tickets were issued, while August saw 73 Mobile tickets and 426 Fixed tickets being handed out.

Sgt Walsh said: “Our PCSO’s have been focused on those areas where motorists were perceived to be routinely speeding.

“As you can see by these numbers, perceptions are sometimes misleading.”

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