Pure Nightclub, formerly known as Club Eden, has sparked a wave of nostalgia among its former patrons following news of Refresh Wycombe taking over the old unit.

Memories from the club's heyday have flooded social media, with many expressing their desire to relive the experience.

Laura Rathbone, a frequent visitor of the club, dismissed claims of an eerie atmosphere, instead labelling it as a place of pure nostalgia.

She suggested organising a party where all the people who had enjoyed the club could come together once again.

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Others, like Lindy Ford, reminisced about Club Eden, referring to their age as evidence of their memories.

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Kelly Sprenger echoed these sentiments, describing it as a great night out.

However, not all memories were positive.

Royce Smallbone recalled the dance floor being "stickier than fly paper," hinting at the less glamorous aspects of the club.

Tracey Macnicol even worked at the club during its earlier incarnation as Club Eden back in 1996.

Darren Hayday shared a heartwarming story, revealing that he met his wife at the club when it was still called Club Eden.

Charmian Hewson-Ekornrød also fondly remembered the club, particularly the 14-17 nights in 1995.

Simon Ticky Tickner, who worked as a doorman during the Time/Here&Now era, reflected on the great times and the lifelong friends he made.

Even Doreen Tweddell's daughter worked in the cloakroom on weekends, further highlighting the impact the club had on individuals.

Several individuals mentioned specific aspects of the club.

Marcia Duthie recalled the color-changing dance floor, while Claire Turner referred to it as a "meat market." Others reminisced about ending up at the club, such as Katie Barrett and Sandra Chapple.

For Charlotte Franklin, Pure Nightclub was where she spent her early drinking and clubbing days.

Claire Philpott and Rachel X Danny Walters also shared their memories, tagging friends who they had gone to the club with.

With so many memories flooding back, there is a collective call to bring back the club.

As the community reflects on the closure of Pure Nightclub, it is evident that this establishment held a special place in the hearts of many.