An artist who has lived in a Bucks town for nearly thirty years is opening a 'unique' independent gallery in the area.

Hayden Gallery, a newly established independent enterprise owned by artist and sculptor Tracey Hayden, will open its doors in Marlow this week, with a mission statement of exhibiting original artworks and showcasing 'unique' talent.

A family business through and through, Hayden Gallery will employ Tracey's daughter Anna and brother Andrew in managerial positions and will feature Tracey herself as its artist-in-residence.

She moved to Marlow with her husband Bradley in 1995 and said that opening Hayden Gallery was a project that had been 28 years in the making, adding: "It has taken all of our married life for Bradley to finally realise that I meant it!" 

Director of Hayden Gallery, Bradley Worsfold said he understood concerns from residents that the town already had three galleries, Clarendon Fine Art, NOVA and Leighton Fine Art, and was perhaps not in need of another, but added that he believed this view is misplaced. 

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"I'm sure there are people who think that Marlow doesn't need another gallery - a few passersby have made their opinions clear, though I am happy to say that many have been supportive. 

"Having four good galleries in Marlow will, we think, bring people into the town for a 'gallery afternoon', so in our opinion, the other galleries are not our competition and I hope that we can all work together."

He is hopeful that Hayden Gallery will "enrich and vary" the choice of art available to the community by showcasing original work from "unique artists, sculptors and artisans" whether they are emerging talents or established creators. 

The gallery will open at Number 23-25 on Marlow High Street on Saturday, September 2 with a full exhibit showing an eclectic mix of artworks. 

From that point onwards, it will be open to the public from 11am to the early evening on Tuesdays to Saturdays and from 12pm to 4pm on Sundays.