Warning: Graphic description of injuries

A TEENAGER who was killed in High Wycombe suffered from three stab wounds, a court has heard.

Cameron Bailey, 17, was stabbed in Easton Street on Sunday, May 7 this year and five people are currently standing trial at Reading Crown Court after being charged in relation to his death.

A 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been charged with murder, along with Philip Solomon, 37, of no fixed abode, Aaran Pattinson, 32, of Old Tea Warehouse, High Wycombe, and Scott Cordice, 29, of the same address.

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On Thursday (October 26), prosecuting barrister John Lloyd-James told the jury that Cameron, who was from Brighton, suffered from three wounds, according to a pathologist.

The main injury was a stab wound to the left side of his back which cut through his left lung.

It was 15cm deep. Mr Lloyd-James said: "The wound caused massive blood loss. Unsurprisingly, this injury was fatal and was the ultimate cause of Cameron's death."

Cameron also had a stab wound through his left calf and a wound on the ring finger of his left hand which was described as a 'defensive wound'.

Another 17-year-old who had been in High Wycombe with Cameron at the time also suffered some injuries and was taken to hospital.

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He had an open laceration which was 10 to 15cm in length on the top of his head and a compressed skull fracture.

On his left index knuckle, there was a scratch which needed stitches and surgical intervention. Mr Lloyd-James described this as also being a defensive injury.

The jury heard that, according to the prosecution, the pair had been in High Wycombe dealing Class A drugs for a drug line called the 'Max Line'. 

However, the 17-year-old who is standing trial for murder allegedly ran a rival drug line called the 'Turk Line' and had reportedly threatened Cameron and his friend to leave the area due to them 'stealing his customers'. 

Speaking to the jury on Wednesday (October 25), Mr Lloyd-James said: "Ladies and gentlemen, that warning was not heeded."

All four defendants are also charged with conspiracy to rob Cameron and his friend which Pattinson and Solomon have pleaded guilty to.

They are also all charged with the attempted murder of Cameron’s friend, with an alternative count of causing grievous bodily harm.

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A fifth defendant Marlon Cato, 49, of Station Close, High Wycombe, is also on stand trial charged with assisting an offender, Cordice, by allegedly helping him hide the clothes and shoes he was wearing during the incident.

The trial continues.