A small Buckinghamshire village experienced two power outages just 14 hours apart  - bringing the area’s total to three in just under a month. 

Residents living in Holmer Green near High Wycombe noticed that their electricity had been shut off at around 5.50 in the evening of Sunday, November 5.

The power was off for several hours, but just over a day later on Monday, November 6, power was once again not working in the village.

Bucks Free Press: The message those living in the area received The message those living in the area received (Image: NQ)

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It is not known how long it was off, but according to UK Power Networks, they received 10 phone calls to notify them about the loss of power.

This was reinstated at around 8.30am.

This is now the third power cut to hit the village since the middle of October.

In a text message that was received by several residents who live in the village, it read: “We have just become aware of an unexpected power cut in your area of HP15 6**.

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“As this outrage was unplanned, we did not know this was going to happen so proving you (the resident), with prior notice was not possible.”

A local resident, who moved to the area in September, said: “Holmer Green is a lovely area but we’re quite surprised with the amount of power cuts we’ve had.

Bucks Free Press: A second outage hit the village just over 14 hours laterA second outage hit the village just over 14 hours later (Image: NQ)

“To have three in less than a month is quite concerning.”

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When the initial outage took place on October 16, power was off for roughly two hours.

This caused several inconveniences to a handful of the village’s eateries, who lost out on outcome due to not having electricity.