UPDATE: Teacher, 36, is questioned by police over racist sign

A Bucks teacher is being sought by the Metropolitan Police over an alleged hate crime at a Pro-Palestine protest in London on Saturday. 

Marieha Mohsin Hussain, 36, originally from Great Missenden, was one of 300,000 people who arrived in the capital on November 11 to show their support for the Middle Eastern country, by calling for a ceasefire in Gaza following the ongoing conflict with Israel. 

During the rally, which resulted in 126 arrests and nine officers receiving injuries, the school teacher was spotted holding a sign claiming that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and former home secretary Suella Braverman were ‘coconuts’.

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This term, deemed racist by some groups of people, is aimed at those who are black, mixed race or Asian who have allegedly ‘betrayed their race or culture by acting white’.

After being spotted at the rally holding the placard, the Met Police are now trying to track down the teacher.

A friend told The Times: “She is not the sort of person who would ever dream of doing something bad.

"There is not a malicious bone in her body.

“She would never do something that was a hate crime.

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“Marieha and her family are the most peaceful, lovely, helpful people you would ever meet.

“I am sure she would not know it would cause any trouble."