A popular historian, TV presenter and author described an RAF air base in Buckinghamshire as 'like a time capsule' during a visit this week.

Dan Snow MBE, an award-winning BBC presenter, historian and author, visited the RAF air base in High Wycombe last weekend ahead of giving an address at its 83rd-anniversary dinner in commemoration of the Second World War Battle of Taranto.

Dan was given a guided tour of the Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris room at the base, which was designed to house RAF Bomber Command in the 1930s, by historian Mr Brown BEM.

During the tour, the accomplished broadcaster expressed a special interest in and admiration for the 'Dambusters' squadrons - a subject he has presented numerous programmes on during his BBC tenure. 

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Speaking after the visit, he said: “Two things hit me first. The slightly darker wood, which takes you back to an earlier age when wood was used as a furnishing, and also the extraordinary smell that tells you that you’re entering such a wonderful, historic space… the smell of paper, maps and wood.

“You can close your eyes and (feel) that you are walking into an RAF office from 80 years ago. The desk is astonishing – the size of a desk you imagine you would need if you were a man with his responsibility.

“It feels like a time capsule.”

A spokesperson for the RAF High Wycombe added that it had been “a pleasure” to welcome the accomplished broadcaster and historian to the air force base.