A Buckinghamshire resident has revealed they are open to travelling nearly 20 miles to a fuel station offering a lower price than the ones near where he lives.

Graham McGregor, who is based in Beaconsfield, told the Free Press that the Esso Garages near his home are ‘usually 1p apart’ but are above £1.50p on average.

However, petrol stations owned by the United States company, are charging fuel at a substantially lower price in Aylesbury at around £1.45p.

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Other garages in the central Buckinghamshire town are also charging fuel in the low £1.40s, whilst locations in the south of the county are opting to charge motorists at a higher rate.

He told the Free Press: “I drove to Aylesbury to see my daughters and I couldn’t believe how low the prices were in comparison to the ones in Beaconsfield.

“There are two petrol stations in Beaconsfield - both Esso but owned by different companies.

“They are never more than 1p per litre apart! Today [November 18] they are at £1.56p and £1.55p for unleaded.

“But driving through Aylesbury, Sainsburys and Tesco are £1.43, Esso £1.45.

“It just shows these two retailers that think there is no competition are taking advantage of Beaconsfield motorists.

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It makes sense now to drive 18 miles to fill up and make the eight per cent saving.

“Even with a return trip, it is financially beneficial.

“So much for wanting to reduce car journeys and emissions.”

*Here are the cheapest places for unleaded in South Bucks as of November 14 according to PetrolPrices.com

  1. Tesco Amersham – Petrol: 145.9p
  2. Morrisons High Wycombe – Petrol: 147.7p
  3. Murco High Wycombe (Pedestal service station) – Petrol: 148.9p
  4. BP Amersham (Chalfonts Way Connect) – Petrol: 148.9p
  5. Asda High Wycombe – Petrol: 149.7p
  6. Low Prices Always Chesham (Ashley Green service station) – Petrol: 149.8p
  7. Esso Marlow Road – Petrol: 149.9p
  8. Esso Main Road (MFG Walters Ash) – Petrol: 149.9p
  9. Shell Amersham (Amersham service station) – Petrol: 149.9p
  10. BP Chesham (Fitchs service station) – Petrol: 149.9p

*And the top 10 cheapest places for diesel.

  1. Morrisons High Wycombe – Diesel: 157.7p
  2. Murco High Wycombe – Diesel: 157.9p
  3. Asda High Wycombe – Diesel: 159.7p
  4. Shell Marlow Road – Diesel: 159.9p
  5. Esso Marlow Road – Diesel: 159.9p
  6. Esso Amersham Road – Diesel: 159.9p
  7. Esso Main Road (MFG Walters Ash) – Diesel: 159.9p
  8. Tesco Amersham – Diesel: 159.9p
  9. Jet Aylesbury (Ash Service Station) – Diesel: 159.9p
  10. Jet Micklefield Road (MFG High Wycombe) – Diesel: 161.9p

*Please note, these are subject to change on a regular basis*