A High Wycombe resident has slammed Arriva Buses following another alleged no-show last week.

The local citizen, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Free Press that he had ‘lost count’ on the number of times a bus he has been hoping to use has not arrived, despite it appearing on the electric timetable screen.

He claims that the #13 bus for Totteridge ‘doesn’t turn up’, and has since resorted to using other services to get home.

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He said: “The #13 for Totteridge is never here, but I always see it on the screen saying it’s going to arrive.

“I have a bus pass now as I’m retired, but what’s the point in having it if the bus I want doesn’t even show up?

“Sometimes, I catch the #39 via Carousel but it’s still a way out for where I need to be.

“I don’t want to complain, I really don’t but this is terrible.

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“I’ve seen buses for Chesham, Uxbridge, Slough, High Wycombe, Gerrards Cross, you name it.

“So why so many problems?

“This isn’t the first time and it’s not been resolved.”

 Earlier this month, we reported that two school children aged 11 and 14 nearly waited for roughly an hour without two buses arriving in Totteridge.

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It has also been suggested that some buses appear delayed on the Arriva app until they ‘just disappear,’ meaning the service that was due has been suddenly cancelled.

A spokesperson for Arriva South said: “As a bus operator, we’re always ready to respond to any customer feedback. We’d advise this customer to call us directly and discuss their concerns, so we can help them.

“There is no date nor time mentioned, but what we can say is in October, 93% of all scheduled journeys ran.

“Those that didn’t are a mixture of adjusting services in relation to congestion, operational or mechanical issues, but it is impossible to say in this case as we’ve not been supplied with that important information.

“Of the journeys that operated, 86 per cent ran within one minute of their scheduled departure time. The frequency of the 13 to Totteridge is every 20 minutes.

“Arriva is an established, experienced and adaptable bus operator and we have a strong track record in running our bus services efficiently.”