The neighbours of Ozzy Osbourne have reacted to the ‘Prince of Darkness’ moving back to Buckinghamshire.

Former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon confirmed their move from Los Angeles to Jordans, where they feel “more at home” than in the US, Sharon said previously.

The quaint village, which sits in the Chalfont St Giles parish, is home to the couple’s Welders House mansion, which they have owned since 1993.

Now some of the neighbours have extended a heartfelt welcome to the rocker, who was forced to stop touring earlier this year after undergoing extensive spinal surgery to treat damage caused by a fall at home in 2019.

Bucks Free Press: Ozzy Osbourne's neighbours are happy him and Sharon are back in their mansion.Ozzy Osbourne's neighbours are happy him and Sharon are back in their mansion. (Image: PA Media)

Chris Jenkins, the estate manager of the Jordans village Quaker estate neighbouring the Osbournes, said: “I’m very happy about the move, it’s fantastic.

“He’s a talented musician and I’ve always liked their music.

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“My predecessor who worked here before said Ozzy would op around for a cup of tea, so I’m looking forward to him coming to visit.

“Sharon and Ozzy are most welcome. The Quakers treat everyone equally, man or a woman.”

Chris, who has managed the historical village estate for eight years, didn’t have any knowledge of the Osbournes’ previous stay in the area, but he said the “beautiful and peaceful” village with a Quaker community is “a perfect place for Ozzy to retire, amongst friends and family.”

“Welders House is outside the estate I manage, but it’s in Jordans. We are really delighted and hopefully we see them around in the village,” he said.

Beaconsfield mayor Jackson Ng said he was “pleased Ozzy and Sharon have made Beaconsfield and the surrounding areas their home.”

“It’s a testament why so many celebrities and ordinary families choose to live in this part of the world. It’s also a testament to our amenities and green spaces, but most of all to our lovely community,” he added.

The Grade II listed Welders House was built between 1898 and 1899 by Mervyn Macartney for his father-in-law Charles Thomas Ritchie, who was the Home Secretary in 1900 and Chancellor of Exchequer between 1902 and 1903.