Residents have welcomed Ozzy Osbourne back following the news the rocker had relocated to his Buckinghamshire mansion. 

The Black Sabbath frontman has now officially moved from Los Angeles to Jordans village with his wife Sharon Osbourne.

Confirming the couple’s move, Sharon told the BBC Women’s Hour podcast on Saturday, November 25 that “small town” living in the countryside was more appealing, where Ozzy can “pursue his hobbies that he loves doing without being bothered.”

Now delighted fans and residents have welcomed the couple back on the Free Press social media, with some sharing their encounters with Ozzy.

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Ann Blackburn said: “Welcome home. Please don’t leave us again.”

Patrician Sharman welcomed Ozzy home, saying she has been to his house to deliver a “massive vase arrangement.”

Julie Coysh said it was “fantastic” to have Ozzy and Sharon back in the UK and also very close to her home in Gerrards Cross.

Fiona Patrick said: “I quoted the house for cleaning back in the day, gorgeous house it’s stunning.”

Ozzy and Sharon’s relocation has been planned for long time, but Ozzy’s health issues and renovation works at the Welders House forced the couple to hold off.

The Prince of Darkness was sadly forced to stop his solo tour in February after undergoing treatment for a fall at home in 2019, which worsened his injuries from a near-fatal quad bike crash 20 years ago.

Ozzy, who turned 75 only days ago, revealed in 2020 he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The owner of Royal Standard of England pub has invited Ozzy back for a “zero alcohol” drink and some fish and chips, which Ozzy famously sampled in the pub in 2016 with his son Jack Osbourne.

Image courtesy of Chicks With Guns Magazine, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons