Here is your chance to take part in the Bucks Free Press' independent survey into plans for a new community stadium and sports village.

The BFP, its sister title The Star and the BFP website are asking its readers to take part in its survey in a bid to add further views to the stadium process.

The Free Press has consulted parties from all sides of the stadium debate – including WSDL, GASP and Wycombe District Council – in an effort to create an independent yet thought provoking survey. The survey is not intended to replace the council's own public consultation, which concluded with Wycombe Air Park being named as the site with the “best potential” for the project.

Editor Steve Cohen said: “We want to give readers another chance to contribute to this crucial debate, and we will feed your views back to the people who matter. I'm sure that all further views from the general public will be welcomed.” To take part in the BFP's stadium survey, simply click the appropriate Yes or No box next to the questions, and leave any further comments or reasons for each answer in the space provided.

You must provide your full name, address and contact telephone numbers with the form – this is purely so the BFP can check and verify every entry, your details will not appear in any story or be passed on to any third party. If you do not supply your full details, or your details cannot be verified, your votes will not be included in the results of the survey. The BFP is limiting the survey to one vote per person.

* The survey is now closed *

Please fill out the following details about yourself. Your details will not be included in any story but will be used purely by the The BFP to validate your form. The BFP will validate every response. Any responses the BFP cannot validate will not be included in the results. Closing date for responses is Friday, February 4.

Name: Home Tel.:

Full Address: Mobile:

Are you a fan of: Wycombe Wanderers London Wasps Neither

Do you use any of the district's current sporting facilities? YES NO

Reasons/Comments... (If yes, which? If no, why not?

1. In principle, do you back the idea of a new Community Stadium in the Wycombe District? YES NO

2. In principle, do you back plans for a Sports Village and an 'enabling development', such as a housing development or hotel, within the district? YES NO

3. If Yes to Q2, what facilities would you like to see a part of a 'Sports Village'? Suggestions/Comments:

4. Do you believe Wycombe Air Park is the location with the "best potential" for a stadium? YES NO
If no, where do you think any complex should be built?

5. Do you think the project is a special case and justifies the development of Green Belt land? YES NO

6. Besides the money already spent on feasibility studies and the public consultation, do you believe WDC should have any further financial investment into the stadium project?

7. If you answered No to any of the above questions, would you back the proposals if a business case was made and proven that the council would make money from their initial investment, and the clubs would benefit from the project? YES NO

8. Were you satisfied with the information provided by the council and the clubs prior to, and during the public consultation process?

Other comments

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