The uncertainty over when football will return continues - as the EFL are still unsure how they will complete the season.

Chairboys boss Gareth Ainsworth admitted that the ideal way for Wycombe would be to finish the season on points per game, which would leave Wycombe in third place.

The 46-year-old said it’s a waiting game for him and his players until the EFL are able to reveal a plan on finishing the season.

Ainsworth said on the ‘I Had Trials Once’ podcast: “I’m still waiting for any information from the EFL.

“We have just got to play it by ear.

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“It’s difficult because there’s nothing to aim for.

“The boys have got nothing to aim for.

"There’s no end game, as it were, on training or anything.

“You have got be professional and make sure everything’s right before we go back.

“They are talking about this eight game eight team shoot out now at the top of the EFL, one and two, which we’d be in.

“We’ve got two games in hand so I think if they finish the season now on points per game we’d be third.

“So, that’s a great finish for Wycombe Wanderers.

“You know it’s unbelievable.

“It’s the highest position they have ever finished in their history so whether that would be enough for promotion.

“Whether they’d call it a day and say the playoffs aren’t going to happen, but Wycombe were top of the playoff group. They go up, who knows.”

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However, Ainsworth believes that the EFL would ideally want to finish the season with football of some sort.

He continued: “But I think they are desperate to get some sort of football back somehow.

“The Premier League, I think is going to happen because there’s billions of pounds in sponsorship rested on this.

“And I think there’s going be all sorts of ramifications if that doesn’t happen.

“But, League One and Two, they could probably get away with not finishing.

“So obviously, if they said top three go up, I’m not stupid, on a points per game, that’s great for us.

“If it’s this eight game hoot out, who’s going to decide who’s in?

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“There’s team like Sunderland who may drop out of a playoffs if points per.

“I think the EFL are worried about people coming back and saying this isn’t fair.

“They’re not going to be able to make it fair for everyone.

“And that’s the big decision they’ve got to make.

“The only fair way is to finishing everything as it should be but can they possibly do that.”

“And they seem to want to start next season on time as well because the Euros have been moved and the World Cups a year later.

“So again, the more weeks this goes on, the less time were going have to cram all these games in.

“And playing Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday is going kill teams.

“It’ll kill my squad.”

The manager did praise how well his squad have done this season as they fight for promotion to the championship.

He said: “Six or seven years ago we stayed up in Torquay.

“So to be where we are now, on the cusp of the Championship, the fifth biggest league in the world.

“Whatever they decide, we’ve got a great season so far this year, so the big thing is that everyone is healthy to enjoy going forward in the future, whatever happens this year.”

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Ainsworth will be hoping that the EFL can announce the plans for the remainder of the season soon.

The club are currently join 6th in League One with games in hand on their playoff chasing rivals.