A SUPERMARKET is offering shoppers the chance to opt for a compostable shopping bag, following the introduction of the new food waste scheme in the district.

Co-operative food stores in Walters Ash and Great Missenden have made the decision to offer lightweight compostable carrier bags for 6p, which can then be used as food waste caddy liners.

Wycombe District and Chiltern District Council now run a joint waste partnership, which includes the recycling of food waste.

Residents are asked to collect food waste in compostable bags in a silver caddy, before being transferred outside to a brown box to be collected by bin men.

But some householders have complained about the cost of the compostable bags.

The Co-Operative said the bags are more than strong enough to carry shopping, and at 6p each they say it is around half the price of food waste caddy liners bought on a roll. These retail at about £3 for a roll of 25 bags.

Andy Ellis, The Co-operative Food’s regional operations manager in Wycombe, said: "Every compostable carrier bag used is one less conventional plastic shopping bag in circulation. We believe they will have a significant impact upon the number of plastic bags which end up in landfill sites every year.

"Our compostable carrier bags are the only certified bag of their kind in the UK. Our aim is to enable our customers to recycle more of the products they buy from us – from the leftover food and packaging, right through to the bag they use to carry their shopping home."