A FED-UP resident has criticised irresponsible McDonald's customers for the amount of litter which has been thrown at the side of village roads since a new restaurant opened.

Oliver Driscoll, from Bryants Bottom, said he has seen waste from the fast food chain increase dramatically since the drive through opened in Dovecot Road in November.

The 39-year-old freelance technician said: "I've lived in Bryants Bottom for the last ten years and never seen as much McDonald's waste as I've seen in the last four months.

"We walk our dog in Bradenham and we see it in laybys on the way and the Hughenden Valley is now awash with it- we're the distance and time it takes to eat a burger and coke so we have to wear the discards from McDonald's customers."

The restaurant is the third McDonald's in High Wycombe and is open every day from 6am to midnight.

Mr Driscoll said: "I don't have a problem with McDonald's or the franchisee- they provide jobs and income to a large amount of people in High Wycombe and the UK.

"To address the problem McDonald's needs to widen their litter patrols to compensate for the drive-in's overspill or mark the individual packaging so it can be traced- allowing the council to issue fixed penalty fines for littering which would in turn reduce the amount of waste discarded.

"I'd like to know other peoples views on this and how we address it before it becomes a bigger problem."

High Wycombe McDonald’s franchisee Cliff Webb: "Like any responsible member of the community my main priority is being a good neighbour and we remain committed to playing our part in tackling litter in High Wycombe and the surrounding area. The minority of people who dispose of their rubbish irresponsibly create a litter problem that is frustrating for residents, councils and local businesses alike.

"Employees at the McDonald’s restaurant on Dovecot Road are already committed to carrying out daily patrols in the surrounding area to collect all types of litter, not just McDonald’s packaging, as well as doing all they can to encourage customers to dispose of their litter responsibly before leaving the restaurant. However, I would be happy to meet with residents and other local business owners to discuss how we can work in partnership to further help stamp out littering in this particular area."