A FIRE service boss has said personal hygiene is one of their primary concerns as the flood water in Marlow is being treated as contaminated.

Paul Scanes, station manager for Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Services, said they are keeping water at a manageable level and hope to continue to do so.

An incident command unit has been set up in the Court Gardens' car park with multiple agencies on hand to help.

Mr Scanes said as they are treating the flood water as contaminated residents will soon be receiving hand sanitisers.

He said their other concern is residents who are using their own generators and pumps, and asked them to seek advice from the fire service, who are also providing carbon monoxide detectors.

Mr Scanes said: "We have the right resources in the right place. The water is at a low level at the moment."

He said they are in direct contact with the Environment Agency and they will be monitoring the rain fall and the water levels.

He added: "As long as we can keep those water levels to manageable levels it will be under control."

Mr Scanes encouraged residents to keep checking agency websites available to them and said the amount of people volunteering to help has been overwhelming.

MP Dominic Grieve was back in Marlow this morning.

He said: "I have come to see how things are going and whether the levels have dropped.

"The pumping in Garnet Court was very successful. The water is virtually gone."

A high volume pump was sent down from Staffordshire to work alongside local crews and help carry out this job. Mr Grieve said he will come back at the weekend if further problems developed.

He added: "Obviously the anxiety is whether this bad weather for the next few days and hours is going to come down the river soon.

"I'm not an expert- we don't know whether it will come down within the next 48 hours or next week. You can't gauge it.

"At the same time the water level is down, so there is a bit more give."

There are six to seven fire crews on scene, as well as a police presence.

There are 230 RAF troops in the area reassuring the public and handing out leaflets. They are doing patrols throughout the night, along with the police.

David Molyneaux, supervisor for Transport for Bucks, said there have been 24 hour crews on scene for over a week and they have cleared 17 houses of water in Pound Lane and adjacent properties.

He added: "It is out of our remit but we have come down to assist the county council."

The Rapid Relief Team were there to provide refreshments for the emergency crews. They said they have donations from local supermarkets, business and residents.