TWELVE people from a church in Wooburn Green went out to Kenya recently to support a school near the largest dump in the area.

The people from St Paul’s Church took £2000 to the poverty struck area, which they had fundraised earlier in the year The group, which also took shoes, dresses and shorts, have now down the project three times and on each occasion they have taken out 12 large suitcases full of shoes for the children.

Wullie Wilson, 67, said: “This is the third time we have been out. We helped them with building work and we also took shoes out.

“We also took out these girls dresses made from pillow cases and some shorts made out of t-shirts.”

The group went out to support a school which is on the Hilton Slum, which is the largest dump in Nakuru.

The dump is often used by the children who scavenge for anything of value. However, as the dump is also used for medical waste and other dangerous objects the school was opened to keep them away.

Mr Wilson who went out to Kenya with his 17-year-old daughter said: “I cried my eyes out, we helped to paint part of the school, but to be honest I did the least work as I just played with the kids.”

Mr Wilson is now planning another trip out to Kenya in 2016 with the rest of his family.

The £2000 raised for the community work in Kenya was raised at a Burns Night held by the Church earlier this year.

Mr Wilson said: “I am the only Scottish man there, it was quite funny seeing all these English men wearing kilts to raise money, but it is all for a good cause.”