A PARISH councillor has called for the consultation regarding building within the Wycombe district over the next 17 years to be held again.

Cllr Linda Derrick said at Hughenden Parish Council's monthly meeting last Tuesday night all of her neighbours in Primrose Hill, Widmer End have not receive the consultation document.

Leaflets containing a summary of the local plan, which looks at where houses and businesses could be developed in the district by 2031, were distributed to households in the district in February, so residents could comment on the plans and attend workshops.

The deadline has been extended to April 21.

Cllr Derrick said: "I spoke to about 20 to 25 people. None of them have had a leaflet or known anything at all about what was going on.

"The planning committee agreed that we should ask Wycombe District Council to redistribute leaflets."

She said she believes the district council should start the process again so residents can take part in the workshops.

Other councillors said many households in Hughenden Valley and Naphill have also not received the leaflets.

The parish council is also concerned about the section which said WDC is doing a detailed review of Green Belt land.

Cllr Roger Beavil said: "Even the big document does not identify what areas and where throughout the whole of WDC could be affected.

"They just give a general comment."

Reviewing Green Belt land could mean some parts of it could be declassified.

Cllr Rick Gould said: "Where we think Green belt and AONB is ok, take off the AONB and it will be our problem."

The council agreed to send a letter to WDC expressing their concern about Green Belt land and leaflets distribution.

Spokesman for WDC, Catherine Spalton, said: "We used Royal Mail to send a Local Plan leaflet to every home and business in the district - approximately 75,000 copies - each delivered with people's normal post.

"These were delivered at the start of the consultation period in the weeks beginning 3 and 10 February to give people notice about the series of exhibitions and events we have subsequently held around the district.

"We are surprised and disappointed to hear that in some cases people either didn't receive a copy, or don't remember receiving a copy, and we have taken this up directly with Royal Mail. To supplement the direct delivery, we also distributed copies of the leaflet in local libraries, our local offices and community leaflet stands around the district."

She said local groups and the media have highlighted the local plan to residents too.

The new local plan – and the start of a consultation in the new year – was referenced in the winter edition of the council's magazine, Wycombe District Times, which went out in November 2013 and the spring 2014 issue, which highlighted it more prominently, was delivered in early March, ahead of the winter Olympics.

All information about the Local Plan is at www.wycombe.gov.uk/newlocalplan.

Ms Spalton added: "We will be undertaking a review of the Green Belt boundary that may, or may not, lead to changes in that boundary and could lead to land being included, as well as excluded. This review hasn't started yet, but we have said publicly that while not limited to this area, the focus will be in the south east of the district where land is green belt, but not in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"We will be encouraging local residents and businesses to participate in this review when it gets underway and it will not be done behind closed doors."

She said further public participation in the future will be needed to help the council shape the New Local Plan for the district.