A SIKH school’s application to convert a building in Stoke Poges into a state school has been refused for a second time.

The Khalsa Secondary Academy is attempting to gain full-time permission to stay at Pioneer House, in Hollybush Hill after the Department for Education acquired the building last year.

The school were given permission to teach at the school for once academic year, but South Bucks District Council refused a permanent application and on Wednesday refused this application on noise grounds.

An independent noise assessment report said: “The current noise levels in the vicinity of residential dwellings due to external activity at the Academy will cause annoyance, sleep disturbance and reduce the ability of people to satisfactorily work from home and enjoy their garden areas during the school day.

“The predicted noise levels indicate this will be further increased, both internally and externally, given the projected increase in pupil numbers (currently 90 and predicted to rise to 840).

“It is noteworthy that games periods at the Academy will almost certainly be increased with the inevitable consequence of higher noise levels for longer periods during the daytime with all the associated consequences previously detailed.”

An appeal against the refusal of an original application in January is still to be held and SBDC have asked the Planning Inspectorate to introduce the noise objections into the appeal.