A FLOOD-hit pub is back serving punters after a break of three and a half months.

The rotten winter weather led to the cellar at the Elephant and Castle in Old Amersham High Street flooding to a depth of ten feet, destroying stock and taking out the power supply.

Floods arrived back in February, but it wasn't until last Wednesday that regulars could come back to their favourite drinking den.

Landlady Tegan Cornish said: "The water didn't come into the bar, it was up to pavement level in the cellar. We had ten feet of water - it was right there when you opened the flap up.

"We lost all our stock. We couldn't use any of the lager or ales in the cellar, we didn't have any electricity so we lost all our food.

"We were closed for three and a half months and had water in the cellar most of that time. Even at the beginning of April we still had 18 inches of water and the insurance adjuster couldn't get into the cellar, so we had to wait before we could start replacing stock and cleaning up.

"I've been here two and a half years and never had anything like this."

It wasn't just the floods that Mrs Cornish had to contend with - she also had to look around for new staff, with many former employees moving on the longer the pub stayed shut.

The enforced hiatus did allow for a refurbishment, with extra table space for a further 12 customers.

Reflecting on re-opening night, Mrs Cornish said: "We were busy enough, but not so busy it was crazy. People had heard through word of mouth rather than any publicity.

"Everyone's pleased we're open. Some have said we're the best pub in the village and the garden looks lovely. They're all so pleased to have us here."