LIFE’S big questions will be on the table alongside a pint or two from this month with the launch of a new group grappling with philosophic issues down the pub.

‘Beer and philosophy’, which meets at Chequers on Marlow High Street every two weeks, is a group discussion about ethical and moral quandaries facing us in everyday life.

It has been launched by Dave Bull, rector at All Saints Church, Marlow, who came up with the idea for the informal get togethers.

And Rev Bull hopes the evenings will help address some people’s issues surrounding religion and society and spark debate in a setting not usually associated with the church.

He said: “The idea came because I go to the pub with friends who never go to church, and we talk about the football and the news but often we end up talking about big questions like science and religion and ‘is there a God’.

“After a few of those conversations I thought it would be good to provide a place for people to get together and talk about those things.

“Last time, there was a wide mix of people, over half of people wouldn’t regularly come to church, and that is who it is aimed at.

“Most people left at coming up to closing time and there was certainly some animated debate going on. It’s not about persuading people – I find it fascinating learning from what people say and their beliefs.”

Over 30 people turned out to the first meeting on May 22, where the topic of discussion was ‘wouldn’t a good God stop suffering?’

Tomorrow's session addresses the thorny issue of science and religion, with the third instalment on June 19 asking whether all religions are the same.

The evenings, which start at 8.30pm in the bar at the Chequers, involve a short talk on the topic, followed by a Q&A session and group discussion.