A SINKHOLE which has been growing for six weeks is a major safety concern, residents have said.

Neighbours in Holtspur Top Lane, Beaconsfield, who say the hole is about four to five metres deep now, have written to Bucks County Council, but Transport for Bucks are yet to fix it.

This is the third reported sinkhole in the county in the last year with a large one in Walters Ash swallowing a car in January while a six-foot deep sinkhole opened up in a Gerrards Cross garden this winter.

One resident whose driveway is opposite the cordoned off area said it is only a matter of time before it gets worse and someone hurts themselves.

Juliet Tinsley said: “This part of the road has turned into a tourist attraction, loads of people come up just to have a look, they just move the cones and look in.

“It is very worrying, it has grown quite a lot underneath the surface and who knows when the surface will give in with all the heavy lorries driving up and down here.

“My main concern is what if a child falls in as they are walking to the school. The council keep saying they are looking into it but when are they actually going to fix it?”

Another concerned resident, Mrs Bowerman, said: “When it first came up my son took a look at it and he seemed to think it was about 3ft sq and it was a couple of feet deep and now I would say it is 4/5 metres down.”

Kate Rolfe, a Transport for Bucks communication officer, said: “Initial investigations were carried out to the sinkhole last Friday (June 6) evening, with further investigation planned for tomorrow evening (Tuesday, June 10).

“These will hopefully ascertain depths and the types of materials which will enable and ensure the correct repair and remedial work can be carried out.

“The area is coned off and has been made safe and continues to be checked on a daily basis by a Local Area Technician, and will be until the remedial work to the sinkhole can be carried out.”