TWO Beaconsfield Town Councillors have resigned from office in a move the leader of the council has described as irresponsible.

The double resignation on Friday, June 20, may force a Beaconsfield by-election to be held, which the council have warned could cost almost £12,000.

Independent councillors Geoff Grover and Graham Davie have both moved out of the area and according to the leader of the Independents they felt the responsibility should be given to someone else.

If ten or more residents now request a new election to decide who replaces the outgoing councillors it could cost the council up to £12,000.

Leader of the council, Alan Walters, said: “We don’t feel we need to have an election because the council has run adequately without them.

“One of them (Mr Davie) moved away in October, while the other (Mr Grover, who now lives in Haddenham) has not attended a council meeting in nearly six months.

“I have to say I think their decision is irresponsible. They were advised if they took a leave of absence until November we would not be forced to hold a by-election as we would be close enough to next year’s elections.

“However, the Independent group decided they should resign now, which could ultimately cost Beaconsfield residents.

“This means certain money we have aside for things like the Holtspur playing area or Walkwood, or other projects, may have to be used for a by-election.”

Independent leader, Ken Brown, said: “I think they both felt they could not offer as much as they used to and decided other people would be better to support the council.

“They both did a great job for the council and we should be thankful for their services.”

“If they felt the job should be open to others it was right of them to step aside, in my opinion” he added.

If there is not a big enough call for a by-election, it would be possible for the council to co-opt and choose replacement councillors themselves, if people step forward for the role.

Residents have until Friday, July 11, to request an election.

Requests should be submitted in writing to the Returning Officer, South Bucks District Council, Capswood, Oxford Road, Denham, UB9 4LH.