With the snap General Election fast approaching the Bucks Free Press asked the six Aylesbury candidates what their main priorities will be for their constituency if they are elected on June 8.

Labour - Mark Bateman

Having been born in and lived in Aylesbury for the whole of my life, I know the town and the constituency of Aylesbury very well indeed. I am a retired primary school head teacher, whose family all live within the town.

I have as much of a vested interest in how it develops and the opportunities it provides to all of us, young and old, as anyone else living here.

I am not a career politician and I firmly believe in the benefits of having a constituency MP focused on our significant local issues – i.e. a lack of affordable and social housing, a clogged up and painful road system, an overloaded hospital and local health centres, a railway line that is crying out for new investment, while the HS2 line will have no benefit to any of us locally.

And a town centre that is in desperate need of proper pedestrianisation.

People often say ‘these politicians are all the same’, but this couldn’t be further from the truth this time.

We have had seven years of Conservative austerity, ably backed up by the Liberal Democrats for five of those years.

I’m pleased to be standing on a Labour manifesto that states very clearly that people matter in so many aspects of our lives.

Lib Dems - Steven Lambert

In this election we face a different challenge an uncertain world.

With the Tories driving us to a hard Brexit, regardless of the consequences to businesses and families, Britain outside the single market puts at risk the future for our children, economy, schools and hospitals.

That’s why at the heart of the Liberal Democrat manifesto is a commitment to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal in a referendum.

Housing is a key issue for all of us. The Liberal Democrat manifesto includes bold ideas to help people buy their first home for the same cost as renting, building 300,000 new affordable homes and restoring housing benefit for young people.

Policies that will make a real difference to people’s lives.

We will also invest £12bn in our hospitals and mental health services with a penny on income tax and stop the Tories’ ‘Dementia Tax’ in its tracks - and guarantee the Triple Lock pension increase.

We will also triple the early year’s pupil premium and extend free school meals to all primary school students. Policies to help all ages in the family.

This election is a chance to reset the course.

The country has lost the essential voice of a strong opposition. Labour is backing Theresa May’s hard Brexit and giving the Government a free ride.

The Lib Dems will not be so easy on a Tory led Brexit Government.

If we want an open tolerant and united country, we need to use our voices and vote against a Hard Brexit. Vote Liberal Democrat. Find out more at www.libdems.org.uk

Conservative – David Lidington

This election will decide who takes the United Kingdom’s seat at EU exit negotiations that begin just 11 days after polling day.

I want the best deal possible for our country and want Theresa May, with her experience and toughness, sitting at that table.

Locally, I believe that we should plan for infrastructure and public services alongside the additional housing that we need, including for young people who are working hard but struggling to get a foot on the housing ladder.

As a local MP, I’ve backed successful bids to get money from central government growth funds to support better transport and infrastructure in Bucks.

I’ve lived in Risborough for more than 25 years. My family and I rely on our local NHS and as a parent I’ve been a user of local schools and colleges. 

I know how important these services are. 

We are going to need to continue spending more on those key services, which means having a strong economy to generate wealth and jobs as well as looking for the best possible value out of every £ spent. 

If re-elected, I shall continue to beat the drum to get more business investment and apprenticeships to our area.

The countryside is both an environmental asset and a place where people live and work. 

I’m keen to ensure that rural areas as well as towns get high speed broadband, and that we plan sensibly to allow new housing needed in villages while protecting village identity from urban sprawl.

Independent - Kyle Michael

As a local resident and business owner, Kyle thinks an independent candidacy is the way forward, he wants to make sure Aylesbury has the best chance to grow and prosper.

Aylesbury is growing rapidly, and we need to make sure we provide the services new developments need, as well as making sure older developments don’t suffer.

Aylesbury’s infrastructure is being pushed to it’s limits as residents will have seen, this needs to change. More thought needs to go into planning and more consideration made for existing residents.

We need to make sure local children have the best chance in life, a growing Aylesbury shouldn’t hinder our education system and its student’s chances of success.

Aylesbury has a rich history of offering a fantastic level of NHS care to it’s residents, don’t let inadequate funding stand in the way of that in future.

HS2 and it’s effect on Aylesbury needs to be properly examined and our voices heard on the issue.

Community is very important to Kyle, he will speak up for the whole of Aylesbury and it’s residents.

Green Party - Coral Simpson

Aylesbury Vale Green Party has chosen Coral Simpson as their candidate for the Aylesbury constituency.

Coral believes the Green Party is the only one that is working towards building a fairer society for everyone, one in which the NHS is well funded and managed, public transport is a realistic choice for the majority, all young people have better life-chances and the vulnerable are properly cared for.

Coral believes that environmental and human rights laws are at risk due to Brexit and the Hunting Act faces being repealed. She wants to ensure that these laws are protected and that everyone has a say on the final terms of Brexit.

Coral thinks the government is not taking climate change seriously, must increase support for renewable energy and end fracking.

Coral has lived in Aylesbury Vale for most of her life.

She volunteers with Girlguiding and the local rescued food café.

Working in adult social care, she sees first-hand the lack of funding from central government.

Coral has a school-age daughter and feels that the test-driven education system does not suit most young people.

She would push for university tuition fees to be scrapped so that no-one is priced out of higher education.

UKIP - Vijay Srao

Theresa May’s Tories are after your house, pension, winter fuel allowance and children’s school meals, VOTE UKIP on June 8.

For seven years, 24 hours a day massive lorries will rumble through Aylesbury constituency carrying building materials and waste for HS2.

Traffic jams, air and noise pollution -will disrupt our lives, disturb our sleep, and harm our health Aylesbury, this is your last chance to SCRAP HS2, send a message to Westminster, VOTE UKIP on June 8 Bucks pays the second highest contribution in to the national Treasury ,but our public services and schools are the least funded in the UK and roads are terrible. We need to take back control of our money and spend it on the NHS and social care services which the CQC has rated as failing in Buckinghamshire.

Most of the pupils who are admitted to Buckinghamshire grammar schools are from outside the county. Only local residents’ children should study at the county’s schools.

For equal representation of women in Parliament,we should have one male and one female MP per constituency in 300 constituencies.

Time to axe the TV tax, UKIP pledge to get rid of the BBC TV license fee.

Aylesbury voted to Leave, but the Conservatives expect us to pay £60bn to get out ,keep sending money to Brussels ,continue unrestricted migration from the EU and have the ECJ tell us what to do. You can’t trust the Tories with Brexit.

I am a farmer and serve as a councillor on Downley Parish Council.