Green – Alan Booth

Alan Booth became the area’s first Green councillor in May 2015.

He, and his family, have lived in Chesham for 12 years. Alan’s number one concern is the underfunding of the NHS and the creeping privatisation being undertaken in the health service.

He also is passionate about sustainability and clean and renewable energy. And as a proud and passionate European citizen, Alan will keep fighting the deeply flawed EU Referendum and its consequently deeply flawed outcomes.

Brexit isn’t –as we are being told – a forgone conclusion and the equally patriotic 48% that voted to remain are being ignored, leaving the country badly dividing.

Neither nationalism or nativism is patriotic.

On reducing carbon use, Alan says: “We need to see the Green Party’s practical policies raised in the public’s consciousness – as has happened with the successes of our air quality campaigning in London.

“We also need to focus on how individuals and households can reduce their own carbon footprint especially given most people are struggling with rising energy bills. One significant area that would both boost the economy –and help reduce the nation’s carbon footprint – is to retrofit the country’s old and ageing housing stock –much of it Victorian – to be energy-efficient for the 21st century.

“The construction industry needs to be re-skilled to service this important and growing sector within the economy.”

Labour - Nina Dluzewska

Nina Dluzewska has been active in local politics since she moved to Chesham seven years ago. She grew up in nearby Chorleywood and is a stay at home parent.

Her children attend local schools. In 2016 she organised the Stronger In campaign because she felt we should remain in the EU, now she is ready to fight to make sure that the needs of Chesham and Amersham residents are represented when the Brexit deal is finalised.

Her priorities: funding education, health and social care, employment rights and services we can control.

 More than 900,000 British workers are employed on zero hours contracts which give them little work security,

A & E waiting times at Stoke Mandeville missed their four hour target for 10 out of 12 months in 2016, UK foodbanks provided over one million, three day emergency food supplies in 2016/17.

It isn’t good enough and the cuts haven’t worked. The Conservative government has missed its own targets to start reducing the deficit 3 times.

Nina wants to tackle these issues ensuring that our services are funded and our children are fed.

The choice in this election is stark: you can vote to end the public sector pay freeze, vote for community football, local buses and nutrition for every single child at school or you can vote to continue to cut services, wages and funding.

In this election the only alternative government is a Labour government. Vote for Nina, a positive change, a local voice.

Conservative – Cheryl Gillan

In Chesham & Amersham, we have strong and flourishing towns and villages, but we need to fight for a fair share of resources, whether these are for health, our schools and colleges, or for other vital services, such as protecting our environment.  

We should tackle social inequalities and the challenges of an ageing society, whilst being fair to the younger generation.

I have championed the needs of Chilterns residents and this constituency through 25 years as an MP, accessible through emails and regular surgeries to help with individual cases, speaking out in Parliament on behalf of constituents and working hard to defend the Chilterns.

As the HS2 construction phase begins, I will use my experience to continue to hold HS2 Ltd to account and minimise local disruption and damage.

We need a strong economy built on sound public finance, low taxes and better regulation to enable this country to have a secure future.

These are my priorities for Chesham & Amersham:

1. To secure a future for the UK where we can set our own priorities and safeguard our sovereignty, our economy and our security.

2. To support our local area and environment, protecting the Chilterns from excessive development, allowing our towns and villages to thrive.

3. To continue to work with Councillors, the NHS, the Police and local organisations to provide a safe and secure environment for all residents.

4. To continue to fight for a fair share of resources for all our local services.

Liberal Democrat – Peter Jones

Peter Jones is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Chesham & Amersham. A member of Chiltern District Council since 1991,

Peter is one of Chiltern’s best-known and well-respected councillors, thanks to his tireless efforts on the planning committee and his long-standing opposition to HS2.

Peter does not share the government view of what sort of Brexit is in the ‘national interest.

He said: “We need to stay in the single market, that is so important for jobs and prosperity,” he says.

Apart from our relationship with Europe, he is keen to see better broadband and mobile phone coverage throughout the area.

As a local councillor Peter has supported affordable housing provision and protecting the Green Belt, work that he will continue as your MP.

Peter and his wife Katy live in Chartridge, in the constituency close to Chesham.

They have grown-up children and enjoy walking and gardening. He watches Wycombe Wanderers and is also a football referee.

He represents The Bell at Chartridge in the Chiltern Quiz League.

Peter points out that in the recent county council elections in this constituency, the Liberal Democrats polled more votes than Labour, Green and UKIP combined.

The “Better for Britain” website recommends voting for Peter Jones as the best challenger to the government and “extreme Brexit”.

UKIP – David Meacock

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has endorsed my recent UKIP Daily article It’s not too Late to Scrap HS2 - no track has been laid whereas the Chunnel was cancelled in 1975 after 300m had been bored.

The last chance of stopping HS2 now is politically: vote again for HS2 with its up to 3xM40 width scars on our countryside and the ruination of Bucks by 12 Million m3 of spoil being trundled along our already crumbling roads by voting Conservative, or vote for me, to scrap HS2.

UKIP will divert Billions otherwise wasted on Foreign Aid (£11p.a.) and HS2 (£100+) into:

Guaranteeing NO tax rises – e.g. the Conservatives’ attempted 2017 Budget National Insurance rises

Making most households £400 p.a. better off by scrapping the £147 TV licence and VAT on domestic fuel, women’s sanitary products and hot takeaway meals

Guaranteeing the Pension Triple Lock

Not imposing the Conservative dementia tax on currently Inheritance Tax free estates (under £325K) of up to 70 per cent on heirs of those needing end of life social sare.

Starting to reduce the current UK £1.8 trillion debt pile (up by nearly a third from £1.4 trillion in 2015) costing nearly as much in annual interest payments (£46 billion) as the whole of the defence budget (£48 billion) equating to one-and-a-half-times your council tax.

See www.ukip-bucks and websites.

For common sense policies, sound economics and to protect our cherished Greenbelt, vote for an MP living and working in the constituency: vote David Meacock.