A campaign group that was set up to fight “terrible” proposals to build hundreds of homes in Bourne End has vowed to keep fighting.

The Keep Bourne End Green (KBEG) campaign group, which gained charity status in October last year, has managed to raise more than £36,000 so far to fight plans for 750 homes in Bourne End and Wooburn Green, which were highlighted as part of Wycombe District Council’s Draft Local Plan.

The plans say there could be up to 600 homes on the Hollands Farm site in Bourne End, with around 150 at Slate Meadow in Wooburn.

At a public meeting at Bourne End Community Centre last week, Penny Drayton, from KBEG, urged residents to continue the fight – defiantly announcing the plan is “not a done deal”.

She said: “We may have quite a fight ahead, but it is a fight that we could win. The plan is just that at the moment – a plan. In fact, until it is published, we won’t know for certain what is to be included.

“There is real hope that we can win this but we need continued support of everyone around here. The village is a wonderful place. This is not a lost battle but it isn’t going away without a fight.”

The campaign group has so far used money raised from donations, quiz nights and fundraising events to pay for traffic consultants, planning lawyers, barristers and Green Belt experts, but they hope to raise at least £100,000 to pay for legal fees if there is a court hearing.

Ms Drayton told the audience of around one hundred people that the group has a “very good chance” of getting Hollands Farm removed from the Local Plan, which is set to be released by Wycombe District Council this summer.

She said: “From all of our evidence that we already have and are still gaining, we believe we have a very good chance of having Hollands Farm removed from the plan.

“We have been advised legally that we have a good chance as well. We have an action plan and a very strong group and we are working on this.

“Every consultant we have employed is helping us make a very strong case that we believe will win Hollands Farm being removed from the plan.

“If we all stick together and fight as a community, we can win this.”

However, getting Slate Meadow removed from the Local Plan could prove harder for the group to fight.

Ms Drayton said there was “still hope” to get the green space removed from the plan, but the site has been earmarked as a reserve site for “a long time”.

She also praised the “immense” community spirit and support from residents.

She added: “But there is a long way to go yet, so please do not think it has already been decided or that this is not worth fighting for.”