This year's poppy appeal in High Wycombe is under threat - with organisers struggling to find somewhere to run it just days ahead of the launch.

The official launch of the appeal is due to take place in 11 days - but the High Wycombe branch has so far been unable to find any vacant properties in the town centre to run it from - leaving its future hanging in the balance. 

Previously, the Eden Shopping Centre has allowed the branch to use vacant shops to run it from - but all shopping units in the centre are currently full up, with organisers unsure where to turn. 

The poppy appeal launch is usually a spectacular affair, with crowds lining the streets of the town for a parade. 

Kevin Taylor, poppy appeal organiser for High Wycombe, said there is no "obvious place" for it to be run from this year, adding: "It's really sad that this has happened. For the last six years the appeal has been successfully run from various retail units across the town. 

"However, Eden now has 100 per cent occupancy and there are now no vacant units. It's really good that Eden is bucking the national trend by being full, but the down side is there is nothing left for the Poppy Appeal to occupy.

"We are where we are and unless someone can come up with an alternative, there is no way to actually resolve this. It’s a shame as so many people have worked so hard to keep this alive in the town."

Wycombe District Council has now reached out to organisers to try and reach an agreement to keep the poppy appeal going this year. 

Catherine Spalton, a council spokesman, said: "We would be really happy to help out the poppy appeal and to ensure that they have a place to from which to base their campaign in High Wycombe this year.

"Through our councillors, we have made a number of suggestions about where the appeal could be based, including property that we own in the town centre, and are waiting to hear if any of them are suitable.

"Hopefully we can work together to make sure that the poppy appeal launches in High Wycombe on October 28 as planned."

If you can help, call 01494 448863 or email