An 11-month-old baby who was “screaming” in agony after he broke his leg at his High Wycombe home was not deemed to be an emergency by the ambulance service, according to the boy’s upset family – who were forced to travel 25 miles to take him to hospital themselves.

Little Noah Awan (pictured) was “crying in pain” after he fell over at his Totteridge Road home on September 28 – and his frantic mother Jade Parsons, 22, called 999 for help.

However, the operator at the end of the phone reportedly told Miss Parsons that they would not be sending an ambulance to take him to hospital because it was not deemed to be urgent.

Miss Parsons’ father Christopher then had to drive over from his home in Hemel Hempstead to take the baby and his mother to Wexham Park Hospital, arriving at 5.17pm - nearly two hours after the original 999 call was made at 3.18pm.

While they were on the way to the hospital, Miss Parsons missed a phone call from the ambulance service – but when she called back, she got a message saying the office was shut.

A furious Mr Parsons said while they were waiting at A&E in Wexham Park, they saw “grown men arriving in ambulances with broken legs” and feels his grandson’s injury was not given the treatment he required.

He said: “The baby is just learning to walk and he fell over onto a rug. He was screaming while Jade was on the phone, yet the fella at the other end said it wasn’t urgent. If that doesn’t meet the criteria, then what are we even paying our council tax for?

“The NHS and the ambulance service usually does such a brilliant job, but I think this person needs to be educated properly before someone loses their life. They have a duty of care to their patients and I wouldn’t want to wish this treatment on anyone.

“The worst thing is, Jade could probably have run to Wycombe Hospital in about ten minutes from her home but they took the A&E away.”

Noah was put in a full leg cast following his injury and even had to wear it on a family holiday abroad, but Mr Parsons said his brave grandson still managed to have a nice time and the cast has now been removed.

However, he is still struggling to walk properly on his broken leg.

David Gallagher, a spokesman for South Central Ambulance Service, confirmed that a complaint had been received.

He said: “The family’s complaint is being investigated and we will get back to the family with our response.”