PRIME Minister David Cameron today pledged he would 'ensure' the HS2 compensation scheme 'works properly' for Bucks residents.

He said in today's Prime Minister's Questions he 'absolutely agreed' to look at the package that would be offered to homeowners and businesses potentially affected by the planned high speed railway line.

Mr Cameron was responding to a question about the proposed compensation scheme from Chesham and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan in the House of Commons.

Mrs Gillan, pointing out the proposals were 'critical' for her constituents, asked the Prime Minister: "Will he give me a personal undertaking that he will study the proposals for the final packages for compensation and ensure that those people whose homes, businesses and lives will be totally disrupted by the scheme if it goes ahead are both fairly and generously compensated?"

The Prime Minister replied: "I absolutely give that undertaking that I will look carefully at the scheme.

"The proposals we have put forward are as good as the scheme for HS1 and better than the compensation scheme for previous motorway developments."

He added: "I am very happy to discuss with her and others how we can ensure that the scheme works properly for people."