HOMES in Marlow near the River Thames are under threat today from flooding, the Environment Agency has announced.

Floods have already caused havoc in the area, with Longridge outdoor activities centre completely submerged.

Water is lapping at the doors of Marlow FM's studios, also based at Longridge and overflowing waters have also affected The Compleat Angler Hotel.

The EA said today: “River levels on the Thames are still slowly rising and a few properties are expected to flood closest to the river in Marlow.”

Peter Quarmby, Environment Agency flood risk manager, said: “We are urging those living in flood risk areas close to rivers to remain vigilant and not become complacent as the rain eases off and stops in some places.

“Keep an eye on river levels, either by physically checking or by monitoring our website for the latest flooding situation and to sign up to receive direct flood warnings.

"It is important to act early to limit the damage a flood can cause to people and property. Our staff continue to work round the clock to manage the incident, to monitor river levels and to warn people should further flooding be expected.”

Amanda Foister, the founder of Longridge, said in the worst case scenario, if the waters reached the main offices, it may leave the charity run centre facing £100,000 in repairs. She estimates so far £50,000 of damage has been.

The cafe at the Quarry Wood Road site was abandoned earlier this week.

Longridge can not get flood insurance and has not got the necessary funds to buy defences. Mrs Foister said: “This is the worst I've ever seen it here. "We are now completely flooded and the only buildings that haven't' are the training centre and the boat house.

"It's a big step backward. With the repairs we'll now have to do we're starting 2013 a bit on the back foot, we've got things we wanted to achieve but none of those will now be possible.

Founder of Marlow FM Tim Ashburner said without 24 hour a day pumps operating inside the studio they would be under water.

He said: "All the way from car park to studio is under nearly a foot of water and the water is lapping at the door.

"We are literally holding back the water otherwise we'd be swamped.”

The station has a contingency plan to shift its equipment via a trailer and can operate from other sites if necessary.

Mr Ashburner said members of the volunteer run community broadcaster are determined to go on and does not think Marlow FM will have to stop broadcasting as a result.

With a shoestring budget, the high flood risk location is just something it has to learn to live with, Mr Ashburner said.

Longridge is appealing for funds to help buy new mobile flood defences.

Have you been affected by flooding so far? How is it affecting you and your home?

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