MORE than a hundred children from The Disraeli School and Children’s Centre took a trip to Middle Earth to see the book they have been studying brought to vivid life.

Teacher Charlie Reed, who accompanied the children to see The Hobbit at Cineworld in High Wycombe on Monday, said the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

He said: "We studied the whole book this term and it was a fortunate coincidence the movie was out this year."

The group of 130 children aged between 10 and 11 years old has also had the chance to dress themselves up in various book characters, from Hobbits to Trolls and from fairies, wizards and dwarfs to elfs and dragons.

"It was a special Christmas treat for them to finish off their learning about the book.

"Coming back to school we did a follow up activity by doing a movie review, and the children enjoyed a lot that too," said Mr Reed.