A WORRIED resident has ‘begged’ council bosses to reconsider plans to introduce wheelie bins after saying many properties won’t be suited to them.

Alterations will be made to the way Chiltern District Council collects refuse around the area after the collection contract was awarded to a different company.

This could mean wheelie bins being given to householders – but Prestwood resident Malcolm Paddick said many houses in the village won’t be suited to them, and neither will the people who live there.

The Blacksmith Lane resident also queried why no formal announcement was made by the council after news of the changes emerged at a recent in Prestwood.

The authority said it had consulted with other councils and community groups and will tailor what type of bins will be given out to households depending on their location – but Mr Paddick said the whole decision needs to be reconsidered.

He said: “At a meeting in Prestwood it transpired that Chiltern District Council were intending to scrap the weekly refuse collection and replace it with the dreaded wheelie bin system. Where was the consultation? Or is another case of the unelected riding roughshod over the local communities?

“I believe that bins are a blight on the local area. Not only are they an eyesore, they are not user friendly.

“The area around Prestwood contains many terraced properties and a high proportion of older residents. The bins are ungainly and awkward to manoeuvre by relatively fit people in semi-detached properties, let alone the older members of our area who live in terraced houses.

“I beg Chiltern District Council to reconsider this decision.”

Council spokesman Rachel Prance said: “The new waste and recycling collection contract starts on March 4 next year and by February 2014 new and improved recycling services will be available to everyone in the district.

“Over the last couple of years we have spoken with parishes, community groups, councillors and our customers to ensure we provide the best service we can. As a result there are a number of options regarding the containers that will be used and this includes wheeled bins.

“The Council is very aware that not all properties are suitable for wheeled bins and will work hard to ensure that we find the right collection method for the right properties. “

She added more information on changes to the refuse scheme will become available in the next few months, and residents will be provided with full information before any changes are made to their waste and recycling collections.