A PRINCES Risborough policeman has warned residents about 'Nottingham Knockers' after a number of unwanted salesmen canvassed in the area.

In his monthly newsletter Sergeant Andrew Deane has called for residents not to entertain cold callers and to call the non emergency police number 101.

Sgt Deane said the sellers commonly known as 'Nottingham Knockers', are normally young males in their late teens to mid 20s that go door to door trying to sell household goods from a holdall.

He said they usually carry an identification card, which is normally home made, and then claim that they are a rehabilitated young offender or have recently come out of prison and that they are trying to go straight and are trying to sell goods to make a living.

He added: "A number of these salesmen have a very discreditable background and although seem harmless enough to some, they are only one step away from taking advantage of a vulnerable property and/or person.

"Many people feel under pressure to purchase an item, which will be at an inflated price, just to get rid of them. Some salesmen use the opportunity to ask you for a drink of water or the use of your toilet and trick their way into your home and steal your belongings, normal your purse, wallet or mobile phone."

He said these salesmen should have a Pedlar's certificate, which is issued by police only if the person is of a good character. If they don’t have a certificate they may be committing an offence for which they could be arrested.

He said call 101 and if a member of the Princes Risborough area Neighbourhood Police Team is available they will check these people out. He asks for residents to write down the salesman’s details and a brief description, which could assist the police if an offence occurs.

A free "No Cold Callers" sticker for your door can be picked up from the Neighbourhood Watch office at the Princes Risborough Information Centre (opposite Marks & Spencer’s), Horns Lane, Princes Risborough or call in at Princes Risborough Police Office, Longwick Road, Princes Risborough on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 am - 2 pm.